“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.

― Wayne Dyer


The Problem:

A Desire & Objective shared by approximately 80% of Americans is to Break the cycle of Financial Stagnation.​

The Challenge

A lack of, or limited Financial Resources to participate in Income Producing Opportunities.​

The Traditional Solution

Work overtime, get a second, get a new primary job to earn more money or reduce your spending so you can “Save Money” to be able to invest.

The YourLife Crowd Solution

Use our Global Synergetic Ecommerce System and Revenue Stacker to make Money while you “Save Money” on your traditional Consumer Spending and convert some of your necessity consumer spending into a Revenue Stream to Produce an Enjoyable Lifestyle.


If you are seeking an achievable way to break through Financial Stagnation and create Financial Freedom, you should join YourLife Crowd

Our Mission

Inspired by our deep desire to empower everyday people with a viable path to break free of financial stagnation and move towards independence, we have perfectly integrated eCommerce, grassroots social media & network marketing to maximize consumer spending and produce the most predictable and rewarding online community currently available.

With a clear understanding that Customers are the primary driver of business, we embrace and demonstrate our core mantra “Stronger Together” as we empower our Members to not only save up to 50% on everyday spending but to also use their normal spending habits to create financial independence via Profit Sharing in our Global Synergetic eCommerce System. With our Revolutionary Force Multiplier Retention Plan we are disrupting the Network Marketing Industry and influencing how companies are structured as we move into a new era of Shared Economy commerce

In reflecting on why so many Americans live in financial stagnation, we see consistency in one particular area of our research. We understand that a core contributor to someone being in this state, is the lack of financial resources, but it’s the “why” that we focused on. Like, why do people with college education also find themselves in similar financial stagnation as those without a college education? Why don’t the college educated accelerate financially more universally?

Before we go further, let's qualify what we mean by “financial stagnation”. For us being in financial stagnation is just that “stagnant”, lacking growth or more commonly known as living “paycheck to paycheck”. According to a May 2019 Modern Wealth Survey conducted Charles Schwab 59% of U.S. adults say they live paycheck to paycheck (other studies indicate it could be as high as 80%). This is financial stagnation, so it’s important to consider that while one financially stagnant person may appear to be doing a lot better than another person, we recognize that at the core they are financially stagnant and may only be a hiccup away from total financial collapse.

While there are certainly many extremely in-depth research studies by highly accomplished economists and researchers on the many complex contributors to financial stagnation, we’ve narrowed our focus down to an area that each person has the ability to control by making a very easy choice

However, no matter what the cause of financial stagnation is, we believe the solution should also include a viable option for financial production or growth to break the cycle.

Here’s the ugly truth, people in the Middle and Lower Financial Classes simply have to spend an extremely high percentage of their income on consumables and much of these consumables are necessities. Because of this condition they simply do not have the financial resources to make investments and break the cycle of financial stagnation. So, without a viable opportunity to maximize their “consumer” resources they will most likely continue to be stuck in their respective financial categories. We believe that unlike traditional “saving” our method is probably the only way in today’s economic conditions to "save" your way to financial independence.

We see a need to break away from the historic status quo business model that extracts the financial resources from consumers and funnels it into the pockets of a few owners. The good news is, we’ve cracked the code for breaking financial stagnation and have a viable solution that is very easy for practically anyone to implement

YourLife Crowd – Global Synergetic eCommerce System

Introducing the YourLife Crowd – Global Synergetic eCommerce System, we believe that this is the great solution for breaking the cycle of financial stagnation and building financial independence. We say it’s a great solution because, as of now our method is the only solution that the power to succeed rests 100% in the hands of the individuals needing to break out of financial stagnation. We call it “Synergetic” eCommerce because each individual empowers themself and other Members that are also seeking to break through the confines of financial stagnation.

We provide a “recession proof” method for our Affiliate Members to generate Residual Income to create Financial Independence. We currently provide multiple powerful benefits and we’re just getting started with many more wonderful Life Enhancing Benefits coming soon.

We are changing how business is structured and conducted with our transparent synergetic structure that doesn’t stop at just offering discounts or savings to consumers as we give our Customers the opportunity to be Direct Sales Affiliates and share in up to 60% of the profits from product sales and enjoy the unprecedented benefits of our Revolutionary Force Multiplier Retention Plan.

Just imagine your life as you simultaneously save up to 50% on your normal everyday spending and share in 60% of the profits generated from the spending of other associated members.

Our Global Synergetic eCommerce System is constructed so that as Members refer other Members, they build a network of associated members that are called YourLife Crowd. Most importantly with the immediate access to savings, we empower our Members to use the Savvy Discount Club as a viable tool to offset the entire monthly cost of the business opportunity, essentially making the entire engagement with YourLife Crowd a "Near Zero Risk" business opportunity.

We see Synergetic Business as the future of commerce, we believe that if you are not benefiting in a meaningful way from the profits that are generated from your shopping activity, you should ask why not and consider seeking to buy those items from a shopping outlet that will allow you to share in the profits. Over the coming weeks we will be working feverishly to stock our eCommerce store @ YourCrowdStore.com to offer many normal everyday items to give our members the power to choose to shop where they can save and share in the profits.

Now, let’s be clear we are in our early stage so no, we don’t offer everything that can be found on Amazon (and may not ever be that larger) but as we grow our product offering will increase to hundreds and thousands of items. But what we offer that Amazon and the Big Box retailers "Do Not", is the immediate opportunity for you to save and share in up to 60% of the profits created from your respective YourLife Crowd and not on a single purchase but also on all future spending for a built-in residual income stream.

Another ugly truth is, the quality of life in America and many other parts of the World are influenced by capitalism and in a capitalistic society to some degree you are either winning or losing. We’re committed to conducting business in an equitable manner that clearly demonstrates our intrinsic belief that we are Stronger Together. We continue to expand our product offerings and as Members exercise a philosophy of shopping in their own YourLife Crowd virtual store and promoting it to others (via our “Done for You” Marketing Tools to shop there as well) whenever the products and prices offer a value benefit will create mutually assured financial independence for our Members and YourLife Crowd.

Our Global Synergetic eCommerce System provides performance schedules that empower Affiliates to build their respective YourLife Crowd and enjoy the benefits of generating monthly residual income well into 5 figures. This system is truly amazing and will disrupt the status quo of traditional commerce as we empower people to free themselves from financial stagnation. We invite you to compare us to any other Independent Business Opportunity in the Network Marketing Industry.

Shop, Save, Share & Earn!

You join YourLife Crowd as a YLC Savvy Member and immediately start saving up to 50% off many of your normal spending like restaurant dining, travel, entertainment and more. This creates immediate financial benefits for the Savvy Member as they can realize up to a few $100 a month in savings (referenced to your spending behavior).

Become a YourLife Crowd Affiliate where you can participate in Profit Sharing with our Revolutionary 5-Level Force Multiplier Retention Plan that maximizes income potential from profit sharing of up to 60% of each product sold.

You let us do the heavy lifting of stocking the eCommerce store with essential products for normal everyday spending by you and other Crowd Members, as well as viable products for the general public that you can promote via your various Social Media platforms. Our Global Synergetic eCommerce System is designed for our Affiliates to Shop, Save, Share and Earn.

Take advantage of the Multi-Revenue Stream Stacking features of our Force Multiplier Retention Plan to explode your Income Opportunities!

Wow, how powerful is that? This is what our our Global Synergetic eCommerce System can do for YOU.

Now let’s be clear, while with our Global Synergetic eCommerce System each Affiliate has an equal opportunity to earn an incredible amount, we understand that everyone will not. This is because even with the enormous efforts we’ve put into leveling the playing field of opportunity for a high level of success, it still requires dedicated efforts and this is what separates those who say they want success and those that truly work to achieve it.

Just think about enjoying your life while you shop, save, share & earn an extra few hundred to tens of thousands per month in residual income. Our Global Synergistic eCommerce System is scalable and empowers you to shop, save, share & earn virtually an unlimited amount income.

Who can Benefit from YourLife Crowd?

If you spend $10 or more on lunches and dinners per week YOU!

If you are tired of paying full retail for your normal everyday spending, YOU!

If you have a desire to break the cycle and limitations of being financially stagnant, YOU!

If you want or need additional income, YOU!

If you want a sustainable method for generating residual income and building financial independence, YOU!

If you want to earn an income helping people breakthrough some of the barriers that are designed to keep them in a state of financial shortage, YOU!

If you are frustrated with Networking Programs that have tricky and hard to achieve Commission Qualifiers that are designed to limit your success, YOU!

If you know at least 3 people that share in any of these scenarios, YOU!


Being a YourLife Crowd Affiliate is certainly a great opportunity, but it’s more than Network Marketing, it’s really about our desire to create a fulfilling Lifestyle that creates Financial Independence!

It’s the commitment to YourLife Crowd’s belief in a “Stronger Together” lifestyle that creates sustainable, recession proof Residual Income and that’s Financial Independence!


You can join YourLife Crowd and begin changing Your Life with just $10 per Month.

We make the business opportunity a no-brainer by using our Savvy Discount product that offers immediate savings at over 400,000 locations across the US to offset the low monthly cost of access to our one of kind Multiple Revenue Stream Stacker that positions you for an enormous amount of monthly residual cash-flow from our. So what are you waiting for, join the YourLife Crowd revolution and start converting the same resources you are already spending into the fuel for your Financial Independence, this is how $10 can truly change YOUR LIFE!


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