Inspired a deep desire to empower everyday people with a viable path to financial independence, YourLife Crowd integrates eCommerce, Network Marketing & Advance Business Tactics with great precision to maximize consumer spending power to produce the most rewarding online community available.

With a clear understanding that CUSTOMERS drive business, in using a Global Synergetic eCommerce System – YourLife Crowd demonstrates our core mantra “Stronger Together” as we empower Customers to save up to 50% on everyday spending and our Members the opportunity to build financial independence via Profit Sharing.  In a new era of the Shared Economy using our Revolutionary 3 by 5 Force Multiplier Retention Plan we are destined to be a positive disruptor to the Network Marketing Industry and how new companies are structured in general.

We believe one of the things that keep so many Americans stagnant in the Lower, Middle and even Upper Middle-Class is the lack of financial resources to be used as a tool to generate income. Often people in these financial categories don’t have enough excess financial resources to make investments, so without a real opportunity to maximize their “consumer” resources many will mostly likely continue to be unable to break through their financial stagnation and remain in their respective financial categories. We see a need to break away from the historic status quo business model that extracts the financial resources from consumers to funnel it into the pockets of a few owners.

We are changing how business is structured and conducted with our transparent cooperative structure that doesn’t stop at just offering discounts or savings to consumers, we give our Customers the opportunity to be Direct Sales Affiliates and share in an unprecedented 60% allocation of transactional Profits.

Just imagine your life as you simultaneously save up to 50% on your normal everyday spending and share in 60% of the profits generated from the buying habits of associated members.

Our Global Synergetic eCommerce System is constructed so that as Members refer other Members, they build a network of associated members that we call “YourLife Crowd” because they enhance your life with profit sharing income from their buying habits.

We see Cooperative Business as the future of commerce, if you are not benefiting in a meaningful way from the profits that are generated from your shopping activity we believe you should ask why not and consider seeking to buy those items from a shopping outlet that will share profits with you. We are feverishly stocking our eCommerce store @ YourLifeCrowd.com/store to offer many normal everyday items to give our members the power to choose to shop where they can save and share in the profits. Now, let’s be clear we are in our early stage so no we don’t offer everything that can be found on Amazon but as we grow our product offering will increase to hundreds and thousands of items priced under $1,000. But what we do offer that Amazon and the Big Box retailers Do Not, is the opportunity for you to save and share in 60% of the profits created from your MyLife Crowd now and on future spending for a built-in residual income stream.

Whether we like it or not the quality of life in America and many other parts of the World are influenced by capitalism and in a capitalistic society to some degree you are either winning or losing. A common understanding is, if you are not sharing in profits from your spending you are certainly not considered to be winning!

Additionally, we are actively seeking to establish relationships that will expand our profit sharing opportunities into the Automobile and Real Estate sectors.

This is the future of how Business will be conducted and we will lead the way by conducting business in an equitable manner that clearly demonstrates our intrinsic belief that we are Stronger Together. As we continue to expand our product offerings and Members exercise a philosophy of shopping in their own YourLife Crowd virtual store and promoting it to others via our “Done for You” Marketing Tools to shop there as well, whenever the products and prices offer a value benefit will create mutually assured financial independence for our Members and YourLife Crowd.

Who should join YourLife Crowd?

If you are tired of paying full retail for your normal everyday spending, YOU!

If you have a desire to break the cycle and limitations of being a fuel that generates profits big corporations, YOU!

If you want or need additional income, YOU!

If you want to maximize your existing resources, YOU!

If you want a sustainable method for generating residual income and building financial independence, YOU!

If you want to help people breakthrough some of the barriers that are designed to keep them in a state of financial shortage, YOU!

If you or anyone you know wants access to buying $25,000 of Spending Power for just $10, YOU!

If you are frustrated with Networking Programs that have tricky and hard to achieve Commission Qualifiers, YOU!

If you know at least 3 people that share in any of these scenarios, YOU!

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