Who can Benefit from YourLife Crowd?

If you spend $10 or more on lunches and dinners per week YOU!

If you are tired of paying full retail for your normal everyday spending, YOU!

If you have a desire to break the cycle and limitations of being financially stagnant, YOU!

If you want or need additional income, YOU!

If you want a sustainable method for generating residual income and building financial independence, YOU!

If you want to earn an income helping people breakthrough some of the barriers that are designed to keep them in a state of financial shortage, YOU!

If you are frustrated with Networking Programs that have tricky and hard to achieve Commission Qualifiers that are designed to limit your success, YOU!

If you know at least 3 people that share in any of these scenarios, YOU!

Shop & Save - Share & Earn!

You join YourLife Crowd as a YLC Savvy Member and immediately start saving up to 50% off many of your normal spending like restaurant dining, travel, entertainment and more. This creates immediate financial benefits for the Savvy Member as they can realize up to a few $100 a month in savings (referenced to your spending behavior).

Become a YourLife Crowd Affiliate where you can participate in Profit Sharing with our Revolutionary 5-Level Force Multiplier Retention Plan that maximizes income potential from profit sharing of up to 60% of each product sold in your respective Crowd.

You let us do the heavy lifting of stocking the eCommerce store with essential products for normal everyday spending by you and other Crowd Members, as well as viable products for the general public that you can promote via your various Social Media platforms. Our Global Synergetic eCommerce System is designed for our Affiliates to Shop & Save then Share & Earn.

Take advantage of the Multi-Revenue Stream Stacking features of our Force Multiplier Retention Plan to explode your Income Opportunities!

Wow, how powerful is that? This is what our our Global Synergetic eCommerce System can do for YOU.

YourLife Crowd Programs


Savvy Discount Club offers savings of up to 50% off of everyday spending at over 400,000 retail locations.

YourLife Crowd Affiliate Program

With our Inverted 5  Level Force Multiplier Retention Plan, Direct Sales Affiliates can finally enjoy what other company’s only talk about delivering. We empower you to earn true Residual Income from combined efforts of your respective Crowd Members as you share in up to 60% of profits from subscription based and transactional sales.

Savvy Discount Club monthly membership subscription

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You can immediately use the Savvy Discount Club on items like:

Dining, Shopping, Hotels, Events, Entertainment and more.

Save Up to 50%

$10 / Monthly

Monthly Subscription Fee

YourLife Crowd Affiliate Program

As a YourLife Crowd Affiliate you will earn each time someone in your 5 Level Crowd makes a purchase and each time someone on your first 4 levels promotes and sells a product from the YLC eCommerce Store, creating a Stream of Residual Income with the positioning for tremendous income growth from the Multi-Revenue Stream Stacking features of our Force Multiplier Retention Plan.


  • Earn Every Time A Customer Buys and Renews a Savvy Discount Membership
  • Earn Income Each Time a Crowd Member Makes a Purchase from the YourLife Crowd eCommerce Store
  • Earn Income anytime a Crowd Member on your 1st 4 levels promote a Sale from the YourLife Crowd eCommerce Store
  • Earn Income from Stacking New Product Streams Coming Soon

$25/ $10 / Monthly

$25 Sign-Up Fee | $10 Monthly Fee

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Choose Your Plan

Savvy Discount Club Membership
  • Use your discount on listed items
  • A monthly membership subscription
  • Mobile App based discount program
  • Save up to 50% off of everyday spending
  • Spending at over 400,000 retail locations Nationwide
$10 / monthly

YourLife Crowd Affiliate Program
  • $25 Sign-Up Fee
  • $10 Monthly Fee
  • Share in Up to 60% of profits
  • Force Multiplier Commission Plan
  • Earn residual income from combined efforts
$25 / $10 / monthly

We are truly Stronger Together

It’s time to change YourLife, Join the Crowd


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